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Stories About the Impacts of Climate Change on Livelihoods in the Rural West

Climate change is here.

Rural communities are already experiencing the impacts of climate change. The evidence is staggering - from the intensification drought to longer wildfire seasons through western forests and high temperature events resulting in livestock and crop losses. 


Despite these climate impacts, the majority of rural, western communities are represented by elected officials actively blocking climate solutions. 


That's where Wild Climate comes in.

Stories are the fabric of our civilization.

In social movements, it is stories that compel people to action. We can strengthen the narrative around climate change by spreading the stories of those fighting to keep their livelihoods intact in the face of this existential threat.

More than 7 million people live in the rural West. 

Our goal is to break through political barriers blocking climate solutions by finding people in these communities who have compelling stories about how climate change impacts their livelihoods, documenting their stories, and elevating their voices.

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